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2018 AAACS Annual Conference
will be in New York City, USA.


From ‘Hood’ to ‘High Line’:

Of Poetry, Protest, and the People

in Curriculum Studies

Wednesday, April 11-Friday, April 13

… the academy is a speed dating service
where there is no romance, no seduction,
just reduction and a stupefying trance

we need textual intercourse full of pleasure,
instead of this coitus interruptus that leaves us
desiccated, depleted, dry like a dean’s dirge
about branding, and random, never randy,
encounters with potential wealthy benefactors

we need to claim more, declaim more
exclaim more, proclaim more
we need to reclaim
                           the bold voices of poetry

our poetry needs to startle
our poetry needs to howl

…. who wants cosmetic curriculum
when the cosmos calls, a cacophony

chaos is not wild & random, instead
inimitably orderly & complex

cosmos & chaos dance
an Argentinian tango 

moment by moment in the momentous
composing of living wholeness

like a poem is never closed & controlled
curriculum is emergent & startling

we are not sentenced to linear expression
sitting meekly at desks in tight uniforms

curriculum attends to the spaces between
letters & words & lines where poetry grows

with spell-binding delight in wild possibilities
leaning into love with tantalizing hope for the other

Selections from Carl Leggo